Proklamation betreffend die Errichtung des Staates Mandschuko

vom 1. März 1932


Präambel mit einer kurzen historischen Einleitung (Fassung unbekannt)

After thorough deliberations for several months past at nufiierou meetings, the leaders.of Fengtien, Kirin, Heilungkiang and jehol Provinces, Harbin Special District, and those under various banners of Mongolia, have come to a unanimous conclusion to adopt; a practical application of good rule rather than a display of words in the administration of State affairs. Under whatever form of government, the primaryduty of the State is to assure the inhabitants peace and security.

Manchuria and Mongolia constituted in the past a separate State detached from China Proper. The present situation places us in a position to strive for our own national independence. Accordingly, by the will of the thirty million people, we hereby declare on this day that we sever our relations with the Republic of China, and establish the State of Manchuria, ,and we hereby make a, public proclamation of the fundamental principles on which this new State is founded.

1. We believe that statecraft should be founded upon the principle of Tao or the Way, and Tao founded upon Tien or Heaven. The principle on which this new State is based is to follow Tien or Heaven that the people may have peace and security. The government must be approved by the people and no man's personal views shall be permitted to influence the affairs of the State.

2. There shall be no discrimination with respect to race and caste among those people who now reside within the territory of the new State. Besides the races of the Hans, Manchus, Mongols, Japanese and Koreans, the peoples of other foreign countries may upon application have their rights guaranteed.

3. In internal affairs the new State will reject the policies adopted in the dark days of the past. It will revise laws and enforce local autonomy, draft able men into the service of the government and elevate the officials deserving promotion, encourage industry, unify the currency system, open up the natural ressources of the country, endeavour to maintain a good standard of living for the people, adjust and regulate the administration of the police, eliminate banditry, and promote and popularize education, respect Li-chiao, the teachings of Confucianism, and apply the principle of Wang-tao, the Way of Benevolent Ruler, and practice its teachings. These, we believe will enlighten the people to maintain the honour of perpetuating the peace of the Far East and thus set an example of model government to the world.

4. The foreign policy of the new State shall be to seek and further promote cordial relations with foreign powers by winning their confidence and respect, and to observe strictly international conventions. Financial obligations incurred within the territory of Manchuria by treaty stipulations with various countries prior to the establishment of the new State shall be met according to the usual international conventions. Foreign investments by any nation shall, be welcomed for the furtherance of trade and the exploitation of natural resources, thus bringing the principles of the Open Door and Equal Opportunity and the like to a fuller realization.

  The foregoing articles constitute the fundamental principles underlying the establishment of the new State. The newly-formed Government will bear all responsibilities thereof from the day of the creation of the new State and the Government hereby pledges upon oatli to the thirty million inhabitants that these shall be faithfully carried out.

    1. März 1932, 1. Jahr von Tatung.


Regierung von Manschuko

Quelle: Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht, MPI 1934
Publications of theDepartment of Foreign Affairs, Series No 1, Seite 3

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