Proklamation betreffend die Errichtung des Staates Mandschuko

vom 1. März 1932


Präambel mit einer kurzen historischen Einleitung (Fassung unbekannt),

After thorough deliberations for several months past at nufiierou meetings, the leaders.of Fengtien, Kirin, Heilungkiang and jehol Provinces, Harbin Special District, and those under various banners of Mongolia, have come to a unanimous conclusion to adopt a practical application of good rule rather than a display of words in the administration of State affairs. Under whatever form of government, the primaryduty of the Stateis to assure the inhabitants peace and security.

Manchuria and Mongolia constituted in the past a separate State detached from China Proper. The present situation places us in a position to strive for our own national independence. Accordingly, by the will of the thirty million people, we hereby declare on this day that we sever our relations with the Republic of China, and establish the State of Manchuria, ,and we hereby make a, public proclamation of the fundamental principles on which this new State is founded.

1. Manchukuo shall confirm and respect, in so far as no agreement to the contrary shall be made between Japan and Manchukuo in the future, all rights an interests possessed by Japan or her subjects within theterritory of Manchuko by cirtue of Sino-Japanese treaties, agreements or other arrangements or of Sino-Japanese contracts, private as well as public;

2. Japan and Manchukuo, recognizing that any threat to the territory or to the peace and order of either of the High Contracting Parties constitutes -at the same time a threat to the safety and existence of the other, agree to co-operate in the maintenance of their national security; it being understood that Japanese forces as may be necessary for this purpose shall be, stationed in Manchukuo.

    The present protocol chall come into effect from the date of its signature.

    The present protocol has been drawn up in Japanese and Chinese, two identical copies being made in each language. Should any difference arise in. the interpretation. between the Japanese and Chinese texts, the Japanese text shall prevail.

    In witness whereof the undersigned, duly authorised by their respective Governments, have signed the present protocol and have affixed their seals thereto.

    Gegeben in Hsinking, am fünfzehnten Tage des Neunten Monats des Siebenten Jahres Showa (=Regierungszeit des Kaisers Hirohito), entsprechend dem fünfzehnten Tag des Neunten Monates des ersten Jahres Tatung..


Nobuyoshi Muto
Ausserordentlicher und Bevollmächtigter Botschafter Seiner Majestät des Kaisers von Japan

Cheng Hsiao-Hsu
Ministerpräsident von Manschuko

Quelle: Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht, MPI 1934
Publications of theDepartment of Foreign Affairs, Series No 1, Seite 16

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